Monday Morning Coffee


Good morning, my friends! Look what I found at my local grocery store! It is as wonderful as I remember, especially that very first sip. I am sitting here looking outside at a beautiful, sunny day and thinking of all the little ones, including our sweet neighbors who started a brand new school year today. I sat on the porch with my first cup of coffee, watching the excitement of the first day, waiting for the big yellow bus to take them on a new adventure. Although Flynn and I homeschool and will not start until after Labor Day, I am still excited about all that comes with a new year. I suppose it is the teacher and mother in me. Fresh sharp crayons, new squeaky sneakers, shiny desks, and unmarked chalkboards. Well, maybe now they are whiteboards?? 

In other exciting news, our pups had a visit to the puppy spa...that's what I tell them...also known as the groomer. 

Kirby, Mocha, and Draper all look and smell fresh as can be!

Well, my plans for today included laundry and cooking dinner. However, a quick glance at my sink as I washed my face reminded me that today our water company is flushing the lines, resulting in brown, unappealing looking water. So, all that will wait. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor inconvenience for me. Prayers to all suffering from flooding, hurricanes, and all the uncertainty and sadness in Afghanistan. 

What are your plans today?
Remember to take time for yourself!

Billie Jo

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