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Are you someone who loves rustic home decor? Well, that makes two of us! I love shopping for anything and everything rustic. But then, I realized–why was I spending too much money buying rustic home decor when it's just so much easier to make them?

13 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas for A Cozy Home

I'm a huge fan of rustic and shabby chic home decor. It isn't really my husband's style, so I try to tone it down here and there. But still, the rustic lover inside me has an insatiable craving and I just cannot ignore it. So, from time to time, I treat myself to DIY projects like these rustic home decor. Let me tell you, they're oh-so-satisfying and I'm really happy that I have the opportunity to share these ideas with you today! Check out these awesome rustic home decor ideas below:


1. DIY Open Shelving

Do you have a blank wall at home? It would be perfect for this DIY open shelving project! For this one, you will need pine wood shelves and brackets. To achieve the rustic feel, pick a dark wood stain. Not only does it look great, it's a great way to make use of your vertical space for storage!

2. Vintage Ironing Board Turned Welcome Sign

Who would've thought that an old ironing board can turn into a beautiful rustic welcome sign? Thanks to the genius DIY lovers out there, we can now take on this project too! Does it look difficult to make? Don't worry, there's no professional woodwork skill required for this one.

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3. Herringbone Dresser

Sometimes, a little paint work is all you need to revamp an old piece of furniture. Take this vintage dresser for example. This dresser has been handed down three times. But after repainting, the new color helped highlight the gorgeous rustic wood underneath.

4. Tree Branch Photo Ladder

Is that bare corner in your room bothering you? Maybe it's actually begging for some redecorating. Instead of hanging your photo frames on walls, hang them on this tree branch photo ladder that will look great in any corner.

5. DIY Rustic Wood Tray

Adding some rustic charm to your kitchen or coffee table is this DIY Rustic Wood Tray. For this project, you will need at least eight pallet boards, screws and white paint. After some work with your screwdriver, you'll have your little kitchen organizer.

6. DIY Twig Letters

Are you looking for home decor that feels close to your heart? This customized initial made from twig is a project you must do. It's cute and unsophisticated, which is actually the look we're going for here.

7. DIY Photo Clipboards

I'm a huge fan of photo frames and I probably have one too many of them in our home. I like seeing our family's best memories on our walls. But then again, I also look for other ways to display our photos without using the same old frames we can get anywhere. Thus, this DIY Photo Clipboard is definitely on top of my list of must-dos for this week.

8. Stepladder Side Table

If you're someone who's searching for a side table that won't take up much space, you got a winner right here. This DIY Stepladder Side Table is a genius idea! It might take a little more effort to make but look at the final result, it's a rustic home decor that you can't get anywhere else!

9. DIY Mail Sorter

I don't know about you but I had the hardest time looking for a mail sorter. That's until I found this tutorial and just made my own. The search is over and this beautiful rustic mail sorter hangs right beside our door. I still love it today!

10. DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

I'm a self-confessed Mason jar hoarder and sorry, but I'm not ashamed. Even though my husband teases me that I have too many of them, well, what can I do? I love them! One of the reasons why I like collecting Mason jars is for brilliant projects like this one. These jars are practical and ultra-versatile!

11. DIY Wooden Arrows

The first time I saw these chevron arrows, I knew I had to make them. Unfortunately, I don't have reclaimed wood on hand yet so I'm putting this project off for later. Nonetheless, that won't stop me from sharing this cool DIY tutorial with you. Trust me, your bare walls will thank you for it!

12. DIY Paint Stick Basket

You know what, I always see these cute small baskets in home decor stores but I never got around to purchasing them. Lucky for me, I didn't have to. This DIY Paint Stick Basket tutorial is so easy and affordable to make that I've already made three of them. Two of the baskets I used as storage containers and the other one I used a decorative piece for our bookshelf.

13. DIY Rustic Succulent Pots

I've always wondered how to achieve the rustic paint look. Thanks to this tutorial, I finally learned how. And more than that, I've got more rustic flower pots now too!


If you can't get enough of these rustic home decor ideas, here are more ideas from GoodLife:

Rustic home decor can easily add an unsophisticated and country-style look to your home in an instant. And the best part of it all is that you don't have to spend on these too!


Did you enjoy these rustic home decor ideas as much as I did? If you know other similar projects, please sound off in the comments below.

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