DIY Drawer Dividers

Looking to make DIY drawer dividers and get organized? Check out these great ideas.

DIY Drawer Dividers

DIY Drawer Dividers

Are you the type of person who can’t find a pair of socks in the morning because they’re mixed in with your underwear, gloves and other items? I have to admit, that’s me. Or rather, that was me.

One morning I couldn’t find my favorite pair of wool socks and I decided it was time to get organized. For real this time. The first step? DIY drawer dividers. Couldn’t be easier to make and has done WONDERS for my peace of mind. Turns out being organized– RE: being able to find what you want when you want — is a great way to calm those frayed nerves.


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1. Oak Wood DIY Drawer Divider

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Great for those who love wood working. Find the tutorial here.


2. DIY Make Up Drawer Organizer

Watch how Kristine organizes her make up in this neat video.


3. Cardboard Drawer Divider

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Got some left over cardboard? Create a DIY drawer organizer! Click here for details.


4. DIY Cereal Box Organizer

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Organize your drawer with a cereal box! So cheap and easy to work with. See here how.


5. CD Case Drawer Divider

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Repurpose those old CD cases into great organizational tools. Details here.


Get organizing this weekend with these genius organization hacks: #organizationideas #hacks

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6. DIY Acrylic Drawer Divider

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So neat and tidy! Learn how to do this here.


7. Wooden Organizer

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Simple organizing idea using wooden boards. Go here and find out how to make.


8. Adjustable Organizer

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Learn this with family handyman.


9. Diagonal Drawer Divider

Find out how to make these gorgeous DIY drawer dividers here.


10. PVC Pipe DIY Drawer Dividers

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No woods or cardboard? Use a PVC pipe to help you organize your drawer. Check here for the details!


11. Paper Box Drawer Divider

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A super easy paper box to organize your drawers. See here how.


12. Bristol Board Drawer Divider

Time to organize those underwear drawers. Don”t delay — find how to make this here.


Need one more idea to try? Here’s a custom makeup drawer organizer for just $1 from Lesley Converse:


Which DIY drawer divider are you going to try today? Let us know below in the comments!

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