Discord vs. Clubhouse: Which Should You Use?

Do you want to find out which out of Discord and Clubhouse offers the right technology and privacy while interacting online?

People are looking for apps that provide similar experiences to real-life scenarios, like one-to-one discussion or addressing an audience. Both Discord and Clubhouse have become quite popular for these reasons.

This article will provide an overall understanding of which is the best choice for you.

Discord's Best Features

Discord is a feature-packed app that you can use for professional and personal needs. The following features of Discord give it an edge over Clubhouse.

1. Cross-Device Communication

Discord supports different devices like Windows PCs, macOS computers, Chromeboxes, iOS devices, and Android devices. You can start an activity from the PC in your study, and resume it from your tablet when working in the kitchen.

At the time of writing, Discord has clocked up to 300 million registered accounts and 140 million active monthly users. The fact that various devices support this platform is a big reason why.

Download: Discord for Mac | Linux | Android | iOS (Free)

2. Virtual Collaboration for Professionals

Many freelancers, small businesses, and creators are now using Discord for professional meetings and collaborative work. As such, it provides a viable alternative to Microsoft Teams for virtual team meetings. Its features like screen sharing, file sharing, and video calling make professional life easier than ever.

Discord has grown a good reputation in honoring individual’s privacy and data security. Therefore, you can share work-related files through Discord without compromising security.

3. The Discord Partner Program

If you’re a live streamer, online tournament organizer, content creator, game developer, you can join the Discord Partner Program. It provides partner communities to earn rewards from Discord as well as opportunities to monetize skills.

The Partner Program's biggest perks include:

  • Splash images for server invites
  • A URL to flaunt your uniqueness
  • An animated server icon

4. Community Servers

Discord’s community server gives like-minded people to interact in a secure ecosystem. There are multiple tools that the community server owners can leverage to keep the members engaged. These tools are:

  • A welcome screen to inform new visitors about the community and its rules.
  • An announcement channel to circulate messages beyond the server.
  • An analytics tool inform you how your community server is doing.
  • A server discovery tool to attract new community members.

5. Discord Stage Channels

With an aim to attract more users, creators, and speakers to its platform, Discord added stage channels. Now, communities can host voice-based live discussions where a select group of speakers will talk. Other members of the community and any guest Discord user will become the listeners.

Stage channels help you host big events where a few speakers will address a large audience. You don’t need to experience the hassle of setting up any website or campaigning on other platforms to invite the audience. You can use the Discord communities feature to reach as many audiences as you want.

Different communities use stage channels in different ways. However, the hierarchy of the audio events is simple: a moderator who oversees the stage, a speaker who addresses the audience, and the listeners.

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All of the Discord app versions support the Stage channels feature, though it's currently only avaialble in community servers. You can host up to 10,000 people in your live event. Unless you delete any stage channel, it’ll stay in your server, and you can host another event later.

Clubhouse's Best Features

Clubhouse hosts thousands of audio channel-based rooms where you can listen to live discussions. The content disappears from the system as soon as the event ends.

Below are some of Clubhouse's best features.

1. An Old School Chat Room

Clubhouse app is an audio version of the good old-fashioned Yahoo and MSN chat rooms.

If you like meeting like-minded people and listening to a wide range of topics, without going through the hassle of subscriptions, then Clubhouse is the right app for you.

Download: Clubhouse for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Clubhouse Bio Keywords

If you want to rank well and draw more users to your audio channels, you can include keywords in your profile.

The Clubhouse search engine gives extra attention to the first three lines of your bio. If you’re a content creator, influencer, or motivational speaker, it's a good idea to keywords related to your skill or expertise.

3. Connect Social Media Accounts

Clubhouse allows you to link your profile with your social accounts, offering another way for you to attract followers.

Listeners who may have liked your speaking could contact you through your profiles elsewhere. So, besides building your presence on Clubhouse, you can also improve your followership on your other social platforms.

4. Start Rooms Easily

Unlike Discord, you don’t need to go through a few set-ups before being eligible to start an audio chat room. You can create your own and invite others to your instantly from the Android or iOS app.

You can also swipe the screen from left to right to find out which of your followers are online to include them in your audio room. You can create a room as closed, open, or social.

5. Manage Several Events by Scheduling Rooms

With Clubhouse, you can schedule your future rooms to organize and easily manage your calendar events. Tap the Calendar icon to start scheduling a room. You need to select the date, time, guest, co-host, and description of the audio event.

6. Content Monetization

Clubhouse is a great platform to monetize your skills, since it helps its creators thrive and positively impact the community and audience.

Clubhouse allows the users to send payments to creators through Stripe, and you get 100% of the money sent—minus what Stripe charges you.

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Discord vs. Clubhouse: Both Are Great Platforms for Communication

Discord and Clubhouse are two unique apps with a few features that are available in both. However, you can find both of them useful in different scenarios. If you’re looking for a desktop app for social and professional interactions, Discord is a good choice. However, to listen to quality conversations while cooking dinner or exercising, go for Clubhouse.

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