Weekend homeschool links: May 19th

Dear fellow introverted mom,

You are not depriving your kids by being you; you’re giving them a safe refuge in a loud world. xo

If you need this reminder regularly, I’ve poured all my introverted energy into creating my Introverted Moms’ Book Club, which is open for new members for Summer 2023 now through Wed, May 24!

Find out which books we’ll be reading and discussing and get all the details here: introvertedmoms.com/join

Weekend homeschool links:

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Are you looking for an interactive, Biblically based health/physical education program as you plan the upcoming homeschool year? F.O.R.M. Fitness offers your homeschooler a complete curriculum that’s easy to use for you and enjoyable for your student.

Lessons are based on a Biblical worldview and engage your child through animated lessons, devotional guide, and more. Check out their website for a free preview!

Want to keep your teen engaged and reading this summer? TJEd High offers weekly mentorship through reading and discussing literature to encourage personal growth.

Your teen will be inspired by TJEd High’s pre-recorded videos and online discussions that they can access whenever it fits their schedule.  Summer registration is open until the end of June!

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