Side Hustles for Women: How I Made Over $1500 In One Month

Right now 45% of Americans (and 50% of Millennials) have a side hustle.

And what’s happening is that this trend is still growing. It’s reported that an additional 60 million people plan to start side hustles in 2021.

This means there are plenty of opportunities and side hustles for women.

Whether you’re a mom like me, a college student, a corporate wife or a single woman working as a barista, it’s completely possible to start a side gig, work from home and eventually make enough money from a side hustle to turn it into a full-time home business idea.

Before I started Twins Mommy, I started a side hustle job as a freelance writer.

This proved highly lucrative and it allowed me to work from home indefinitely.

Over the years, I’ve picked the clients I wanted to work with and I also started Twins Mommy and other blogs during my time. But in 2021, I wanted to start something new.

I wanted to offer a brand new side hustle and see if I can land clients using other marketing strategies.

And, I succeeded! I’ve picked up several clients and have earned over $1500 in one month.

I continue to land clients and am loving this new side hustle gig.

As women, certain side hustles that just work for us, right? We are more emotional, and talkative than our other half and that works well online.

So, if side hustles are your jam, I’ll share the perfect side hustles for women, but before I do, I want to share my story on how I started my new side hustle and made over a thousand in a month.

My New Side Hustle

As a freelance writer, my expertise was SEO long-form blog writing.

I would write 2,000-3,000 word blog posts that were rankable on Google for my clients. Most of my clients were in the B2B and SaaS space.

While I enjoy writing SEO blog posts and long-form blog posts, in 2021, I just don’t have the time to devote writing content for my personal blog AND writing content for businesses.

I also wanted a break from long-form writing.

That’s where email writing came to me. I saw a training from another writer who writes emails for the eCommerce industry, and I just loved how excited she was about this side hustle job.

But, I also enjoy writing emails. Emails are more personal, conversational and as women, we can gab a bit more and just have fun with our copy.

Once I figured out the offer, I needed to find my ideal client. I didn’t want to jump into writing emails for the eCommerce space because I needed to gain experience first.

I also wanted to explore other side hustle ideas from other women like mompreneurs or lady bosses that could help me grow as a writer.

Marketing My New Side Hustle

Once I figured out my offer and my ideal client, I had to market this new side hustle. 

My usual promotional strategy for my freelance writing business is to guest post, use Twitter and LinkedIn and reach out to businesses that need writing.

But, for this side hustle job, I did things a little differently. I first signed up to a dozen or so email lists from other women in different niches like:

  • Saving money/frugal living
  • Kid activities
  • Business coaches
  • Drawing/illustration
  • Mom blogs

This proved to be unsuccessful. Even though I had a Google Sheet, I found it too confusing, and I was suddenly inundated with emails in my inbox and Promo tab.

I planned to see if these women’s side hustle businesses had an email list and whether or not they had a welcome series or funnel for products/services.

During this time, I also updated my Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to share my new service.

I also spent more time on Instagram to try a new strategy to land clients and this worked.

By networking, engaging and DM’ing, I was able to pick up most of my clients.

The other profitable way I landed a side hustle gig was on Facebook. I reached out to mompreneurs I knew and asked if they needed help with their email writing.

Email outreach on Facebook

I also have a huge Facebook group of women with side hustles and full-time home businesses that I could reach out to. Still, at this time, I’m not doing any overly promotional Facebook Lives or posts in my group about my service.

Instead, I will reach out to certain women that I feel would be a good fit for my service.

What I Offer

Right now, I’m offering a 4-day or 5-day welcome series or a small launch funnel or flash sale funnel.

My rates are standard for email writing, but my goal is to increase my rates over time. I do talk more about this in my private Facebook group for Writeto1k students!

I write my emails in Google Docs and share my emails with my clients.

My client can edit the email or tell me any changes they want. Usually, my clients are happy with my results but I’m more than happy to change and tweak the email as I go.

Google Doc hub for client communication

Once I submit 75% of the work and know my client is happy with our relationship and my writing, I will invoice my client.

I ask for their Paypal address and where they live, and I send my invoice. I’ve had no problems with getting paid on time for my side hustle – even though I’m a woman.

According to Bonsai, it’s more likely – up to 31% – for women to be paid late than for men. But, I don’t have that problem yet.

Qualifying your clients is essential for this point. Since I have had previous connections or known about these women, I know their side hustles are profiting and are consistently sharing value on social media.

They’ve also connected with me by commenting on my posts, being on my email list, or enrolling in my courses.

My Side Hustle Plan

So, what’s in store for me now?

While email writing is truly only a side hustle for me, I will continue to build up my expertise as an email writer, increase my rates and eventually work with notable brands.

From there, I may pivot my entire freelance writing business to email writing strictly, but only time will tell.

So, if you are brimming with excitement on this new way to make money from home, let’s explore side hustle for women.

14 Side Hustles for Women

Did you know that 78% of freelancers online are women?

Do you know what this means?

It means there are plenty of side hustles for women out there. 

To get started, here’s your side hustle checklist:

  • A website or blog to share your side hustle
  • A business Paypal address
  • Optional: set up a sole proprietorship (but you usually don’t have to)
  • Register your business with your local city if you aren’t using your name as the side hustle (for example: Tiny Tots Pre-K)

With that out of the way, let’s look at these side hustles made for women that you can start today and make money.

1. Virtual Assistant

An easy side hustle for women is a virtual assistant position.

If you are a Type A woman, then this is the perfect side hustle for you. As a VA you can be responsible for a whole host of services – many that are stand-alone side hustles:

  • Writing
  • Managing customer emails
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Outreach
  • SEO
  • Networking
  • Editing
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Pinterest management
  • WordPress tech
  • Copywriting

The list of side hustles can go on and on!

The thing to remember is, to be a profitable VA, you need to specialize in one service like Pinterest or like email or like writing.

As a VA, you would charge by the hour or by a set package rate – $500 per month for four blog posts, 3 emails, 8 social media graphics.

A great way to start landing clients is to network in Facebook groups. Find a group with your ideal client – bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches – and then offer help in your posts.

Over time, you can reach out to certain people and let them know of your new side hustle.

2. Blogger

Everyone and their dog wants to be a blogger, eh?

I absolutely love blogging. From personal blogs to craft blogs to tech blogs and more, there is a large potential to make money blogging.

The one thing to remember is that blogging isn’t a quick “get rich” side hustle.

You have to work on your blog every day and use content to build your success as a blogger.

Your writing, blog posts and email list all can help you generate sales with affiliate marketing, your sponsored content or your eventual products.

It is possible to make money as a blogger in the first month, but generally, it can take up to a year to see profits.

3. Freelance writer

A better and quicker way to make money blogging is to offer your blog writing to businesses.

This is exactly what I did, and I made my first $1k in months of starting.

What’s great about offering blog writing is that its recurring income. A business needs blog posts every week or every month and you can be their writer.

As well, depending on your client, you can make hundreds or thousands per blog post.

If you need help, I do have a free email course to help you land your first client!

4. Social Media Manager

Another side hustle perfect for women is social media manager.

If you live on social media – and who doesn’t nowadays! – you can manage social media accounts for other bloggers, entrepreneurs or small business owners.

As a social media manager, you might be responsible for:

If you love schedules and lists, then being a social media manager can be your side hustle.

5. Website Designer

If you dabbled in computers and in high school or college, you might have done some websites or designed some websites back then.

Well, as women, this side hustle taps into your creativity and your eye for design. There are many women behind the chic and cute website themes you see online.

Go ahead and offer this service to other bloggers, entrepreneurs or local businesses and watch your money grow.

6. Youtuber

A cool way to start your side hustle is to have a Youtube channel!

There is money to be made on Youtube. I started my Youtube channel years ago, but it’s just recently that I want to monetize it.

To monetize your channel, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for that year.

To achieve that, you need to publish consistent videos. I feel 2-3 videos a week will get you there fast!

My channel currently generates $300, but other Youtubers make thousands a month. Here’s a video from Annie Dube on why starting a Youtube channel as a side hustle is great for this year.

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