Our Picks For Must-Have Homeschool Supplies in 2021 / 2022

With the global pandemic, the number of parents who opt for homeschooling their children has gone up significantly. Most of them worked from home, spending most of their time with their children. Many are finding that the school systems are much worse than we ever thought possible and opting to keep their kids home this coming school year because we are learning that we can in fact teach our children better than the government can.

Homeschooling can sometimes be very challenging, especially for those parents that have yet to adjust to the recent events around the globe. For one to be successful, you need the right homeschool supplies Canada-based or locally homeschool supplies.

On top of having the right homeschool supplies, you will also need some good traits from the kids such as;

  • Willingness to learn 
  • Discipline and hard work 
  • Time and flexibility
  • Patience 
  • Curiosity and dedication

In addition to the right personality traits and qualities your children should possess, nothing makes for successful homeschooling like good homeschool supplies! Some of the items you should consider for your homeschooling includes;

Foldable double-sided whiteboard 

Kids of all grades can use this whiteboard. It folds up to sit on a table. It may come with colorful magnets with erasers attached to them, making the cleanup easier. 

Kid scissors 

This is mainly recommended for young kids who are still getting to know how to use scissors. They usually come in pairs, one for right-handed and the other for left-handed kids. The stainless steel ensures that it can cut through any texture yet blunt to ensure the kids’ safety.

Colored pencils 

Young kids enjoy coloring with any rainbow color. Having a set of crayons with unique colors can be very fun for kids. The pencils can be pre-sharpened for easier use. They are designed to make a vibrant work of art.  

Balance ball seat 

Kids sometimes find it hard to sit in one position for a long time and need to do something or move a bit. A balanced ball seat can help them concentrate since it allows them to bounce as they are studying. The two sizes available are 45cm for kids of about five to seven years and 52cm for about eight to eleven years.

A periodic table 

A periodic table is essential for any homeschool room. The chart should be colorful and appealing to the kids, making it easy to read. The kids will get to see the name, symbol, and atomic weight of each element. You can get a printable version to laminate in order to keep it in good shape and use it for an extended period or consider getting a beautiful one to display on the wall like this Gathre Periodic Table Mini+ mat.

Homeschool Planner

It is vital to have a place where you can write or have homeschooling ideas to keep your little learners busy and help them with their studies. Happy Planner makes an excellent homeschool planner so you can organize activities for different age groups, plan out your unit studies, make reading lists, and schedule field trips. 

Multi-angle tablet stand

If you or the students use a tablet, a multi-angle tablet stand will make them follow the lessons without straining their necks. The tablet can be adjusted to allow multiple angles. Moreover, it has a rubber pad that holds it so that it does not slip or scrape.

Homeschooling needs to be fun for both the parent and the child. Thus, it is best to get the best supplies from a good and reputable supplier. With the good traits of the kids, this could be a very successful journey.

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