Make Homeschool Math Easier With Photomath

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As a homeschool mom, teaching math as the kids have gotten older has been a challenge. It’s not because I am not proficient - because I am. It’s because math is one of the subjects that takes actual steps and processes to teach it where your child actually understands. 

Basic math concepts are simple to teach and quite simple to understand, but as our kids grow older and the math becomes a bit more complicated - so does the teaching. I searched high and low for an online math program that was straight to point and also very valuable for myself and my kids.

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Photomath is a great online math tool for everyone. You don’t have to solely homeschool to use the Photomath app and you don’t even have to be a certified teacher. You simply sign up, download the app and you have instant access to the answers to your math problems. Not only does Photomath give you the answer, it helps you solve the problem step-by-step, making it easier to understand. 

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The app allows you to take a photo of any math problem you come across and will solve the problem for you within seconds. This allows you to learn at your own pace and again, get a deeper grasp of the problems at hand.

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Photomath also includes a plus option, giving you instant access to numerous math books that cover subjects like Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and more! This really comes in handy for students of all ages and allows you to keep the information in your pocket. 

Honestly, I’ve searched through numerous online math programs and nothing compares!  

As a homeschooling parent, I am at ease knowing that this app comes in handy when explaining problem-solving to my kids. There are also animated tutorials that bring solutions to life by visualizing each step. This is awesome for us all. 

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For me, I am relieved knowing I don’t have to switch from one math program to the next, just to make sure I’m explaining the math correctly. Photomath does it all for me, right here in the app. Be sure to download the app to experience the world of math today! 

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