Last Day of School Photos 2020-2021

This seems like such a funny time to have our end of school photo shoot as everyone is posting first day of school photos but we finally did our last day of school pictures!  This year we had a few more subjects go into our summer than we had originally planned so that's why these might seem a tad late.  We needed to get them done because we will be starting the new school year within the next few weeks, the beauty of homeschooling!  We did pretty well about using the same clothes except C, he literally has none of the things he wore on the 1st day photo shoot - someone grew a lot this year!  Without further ado:

It always amazes me how much G grows in 1 year!

I can really see F's height difference.

E has matured so much in her face.

D's legs are a bit longer and so is her hair.

C has grown a ton.  He now wears a men's size 9 shoe.

B is very close to being taller than me.

A's hair has grown a lot as well.

And that's a wrap!  Stay tuned for first day of school photos for the next year coming soon.

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