July Calendar for 2023 – 45 Free Printable Designs

Looking for a July Calendar? Grab these 45 Free Printable Templates and Designs and make the most of the seventh month of the year.

Looking for a July calendar to help you schedule your month? You’re in the right place! We’ve gathered 45 free printable calendars for you to download and use. Whether you’re looking for a template with portrait or landscape orientation, Sunday start, Monday start, a blank July calendar to customize, or a pre-designed event calendar to keep your daily schedule under control, we’ve got you covered. Just find the design (or designs) you like and click the link below it for the pdf file.

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

July Calendar Template Free Printables for 2023

With our calendars, you can easily keep track of important dates and plan your activities accordingly. To download your free July calendar printables, just click on the image you like (or text below) and start planning a month won’t forget!

Blank July 2023 Calendar

July 2023 Calendar Black and White Minimalist DesignJuly 2023 Calendar – Blank Calendar Design


Minimalist Designs – Simple July Calendars for 2023

July 2023 Calendar Minimalist Banner Design2023 July Calendar – Banners


July 2023 Calendar Minimalist with Notes DesignPrintable July Calendar – Corporate Calendar in Vertical Orientation


July Minimalist Blush Calendar2023 July Printable Calendar – Pink with White Stitches


July 2023 Calendar Minimalist Sea Foam DesignJuly Calendar 2023 – Blue with White Stitches


Printable July 2023 Calendar – Floral Designs

July 2023 calendar light and dark blue floral design
July Calendar 2023 – Blue Floral


July 2023 Calendar Black and White Leaf Design2023 Calendar for July – Black and White


July 2023 Calendar Lavender and Green Floral Design

July Calendar – Purple Floral


July 2023 Calendar Hot Pink Floral DesignFree Printable Calendar for July 2023 – Electric Pink & Green


July 2023 Calendar Pastel Pink and Purple Design2023 July Calendar – Purple & Green


July 2023 Calendar Pastel Pink and Green DesignJuly 2023 Calendar – Blush & Sage


July 2023 Calendar Bright Orange and Green Design
2023 Free Printable Calendar – Orange Floral


July 2023 Bright Pink and Turquoise DesignJuly 2023 – Small Colorful Flowers


July 2023 Calendar Black and White Floral DesignJuly 2023 Free Printable – Black & White Floral


July 2023 Calendar Bright Pink Yellow and Green DesignPrintable July Calendar – Large Colorful Flowers


July 2023 calendar pink and navy designJuly Calendar for 2023 – Pink & Navy


July 2023 calendar green floral designBlue & Green Border


Colorful July Calendars for 2023

July 2023 Calendar Colorful Circle BorderFree Printable July Calendar – Polka Dots


July 2023 Calendar Multicolored DesignJuly 2023 Calendar – Squiggly


July 2023 Calendar Watercolor DesignCalendar Printable for 2023 – Paint Splotches


July 2023 Calendar Colorful StripesCalendar Printable for 2023 – Colorful Stripes


July Calendar 2023 – Summer Themes

July 2023 Calendar - Day at the BeachJuly 2023 Calendar – Day at the Beach


[TAG23]Summer 2023 Calendar – Summer


July 2023 Calendar - Independence DayJuly 2023 Calendar – Independence Day


Geometric Calendars for July

July 2023 Calendar Black and White Geometric DesignJuly 2023 Calendar Template – Black and White Polka Dots


July 2023 Calendar Dark and Light Blue Geometric Design

Calendar Templates for July – Blue Geometric


July 2023 Calendar Light and Dark Orange Geometric DesignPrintable July Calendar – Warm Geometric


July 2023 Calendar Purple Geometric DesignJuly Calendar Template – Purple with Polka Dots


July 2023 Calendar Multicolored Geometric Design2023 July Printable Calendar – Masculine Geometric


July 2023 Calendar Red Orange and Green Stripe DesignJuly 2023 Calendar Printable – Warm Spiral


July 2023 Calendar Light and Dark Green Geometric DesignPrintable July Calendar – Coll Geometric


July 2023 Calendar Brightly Colored Chevron Design2023 July – Chevron


July 2023 Calendar Purple Geometric DesignJuly Calendar 2023 – Swatches


July 2023 Calendar Aqua Fern BorderCalendar Template for July 2023 – Coral and Blue


Vertical Calendars for July 2023

2023 Calendar Paint Splatter DesignJuly 2023 Calendar – Vertical Orientation Bold


July 2023 Minimalist Calendar - Portrait Orientation

Minimalist Calendar Template – Portrait Orientation


July 2023 Calendar - ConfettiVertical 2023 July Calendar – Confetti


July 2023 Calendar - Tipsy

2023 Calendar Vertical Style – Tipsy


July 2023 Vertical Calendar – Bouquet


Click July Calendar 2023 Vertical – Modern Bloom


July 2023 Calendars with a Monday Start

July Minimalist Calendar - ScriptFree Printable July 2023 – Monday Start Calendars with Minimalist Script


July 2023 Green Leafy Design

July Calendar Template – Green Palms


July 2023 Calendar Summer Vibe Monday Start Design2023 July Calendar Template – Sun and Water

July 2023 Calendar Blue Paisley Monday Start DesignJuly 2023 Horizontal Orientation – Intricate Blue


July 2023 Minimalist Monday Start DesignCalendar Template July 2023 – Basic Blue



July Holidays and Observances

July is a month filled with fun holidays and observances to celebrate. From Independence Day to International Day of Friendship, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Print your own monthly calendar from the pdf templates above and start marking some important dates.

Independence Day (July 4)


The Fourth of July – are you feeling prepared to handle the stress of this national holiday? As a mom of many, I know it can be overwhelming to plan the perfect Independence Day celebration while juggling everything else on your plate. But fear not! It does take some planning, and it involves you doing particular tasks before the event but it’s worth it because you can (almost) effortlessly make this holiday a success.

American Independence Day is a federal holiday, which commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the document that set the great American nation free. July 4th is about celebrating freedom, so you can think about how to turn the day into a fun history lesson for your kids, too. And if you ask me, there’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than with some good old-fashioned patriotic-themed family fun! 

What To Do On the 4th Of July?

  • Plan a picnic or barbecue
  • Decorate your home in the colors of the American flag (red, white, and blue)
  • Soak up the patriotic atmosphere at  a local parade
  • And, of course, end the day with some fireworksjul

Make sure to mark all the preparation for this important day on your July calendar so you don’t forget anything. As overwhelming as it may seem, you can handle it all. Download a free printable blank calendar from the designs above in the post and start planning your perfect Independence Day celebration today.

Remember, the day is about celebrating the freedom of our great country. Take a deep breath and enjoy the celebration with your family and friends. Happy Independence Day, ladies!

Bastille Day (July 14)

Feeling a little adventurous? Why not celebrate Bastille Day on July 14th? This French national holiday memorializes the storming of the Bastille – the prison that symbolized the tyranny of the French monarchy, on July 14, 1789. It’s the perfect excuse to indulge in French culture, food, and wine!

Plan a French-themed dinner party, or if you’re feeling more casual, grab some croissants and coffee and enjoy a simple breakfast with the family. Or you can join a French cooking class. Or, if you really want to get into the spirit of things, consider brushing up on your French language skills and impressing your guests with your newly acquired foreign vocabulary.

Make sure you mark Bastille Day on your July calendar and celebrate in style!

Other Days in July to Know About


  • 03 July – National Stay Out of the Sun Day and International Plastic Bag Free Day
  • 06 July – International Kissing Day
  • 07 July – Global Forgiveness Day and World Chocolate Day
  • 08 July – National Video Game Day
  • 10 July – National Kitten Day
  • 15 July – National Give Something Away Day
  • 16 July – National Ice Cream Day
  • 17 July – World Emoji Day


  • 18 July – International Nelson Mandela Day
  • 20 July – National Moon Day International Chess Day
  • 23 July – Parents’ Day and National Gorgeous Grandma Day
  • 24 July – Cousins Day
  • 25 July – National Hire A Veteran Day
  • 26 July – Uncle and Aunt Day
  • 27 July – National Disability Independence Day
  • 29 July – National Chicken Wings Day
  • 30 July – International Friendship Day, National Father-in-Law Day, and World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
  • 31 July – World Ranger Day

History of July

Why Is It Called July? How July Got Its Name

In the Roman calendar, the month of July was initially called Quintilis (the Latin word for ‘fifth,’ since it was the fifth month of the calendar). However, in 44 BC, the Roman Senate honored Julius Caesar after his assassination by renaming Quintilis to Julius (July). In Ancient Rome, July was also the month of the Ludi Apollinares, a festival dedicated to the god Apollo, which included games and theatrical performances.

So, next time you’re marking off your July’s summer vacation, remember that this seemingly ordinary month has a fascinating history behind it.

How Many Days Are In July?

July has a total of 31 days.

Zodiac Signs of July and a Little About Their Personality Traits

Are you curious about the zodiac signs of July and their personality traits? Yes, me too! We’ll start with Cancer, the zodiac sign which spans from June 21 to July 22.

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

Those born under the Cancer sign are known for their:

  • Emotional depth
  • Sensitivity, and
  • Loyalty

They have deep emotional intelligence and are excellent at reading people’s feelings. Cancerians are nurturing and caring individuals. They prioritize family and close relationships above all else. However, if you’re dealing with Cancer, keep in mind that they need to be approached with care and consideration since they can also be:

  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Moody
  • Take things too personally
  • Easily hurt

If you’re a Cancer, embrace your nurturing side and use your natural empathy and compassion to make the world a better place. Don’t forget that your sensitivity is your strength.

Leo (23 July – 31 August)

Leo – the king of the Jungle is a fire sign and fifth in the zodiac. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are:

  • Bold and Confident
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • A natural-born leader with unshakable confidence
  • Thriving in the spotlight and never shying away from being the center of attention
  • With an irresistible charisma that draws people in

Let’s also not forget their lion-like courage, which makes them fearless in the face of challenges. In relationships, they are loyal, generous, and protective of those they love. But watch out, Leos don’t like being told what to do, and if provoked, they can also act:

  • Fiercely independent
  • Stubborn
  • Hot-tempered

So, if you have any Leos in your life born in the seventh month of the year, don’t forget to mark their birthday on our beautiful free printable July calendar from the templates above in this post.

What is the Birthstone for July?


Are you wondering what the birthstone for July is? Well, it’s the fiery red ruby. This gemstone symbolizes:

  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Love

It’s believed to inspire confidence and strength in those who wear it. So, if someone you know and love was born in July, surprise them with a stunning ruby piece of jewelry like this beautiful necklace.

Important Events in History that Occurred in July

There are many fascinating historical events that happened in July! Here’s just a short but very interesting list:

1 – 7 July

  • 1 July 1862 – President Abraham Lincoln signed the first income tax bill, levying a 3% income tax on annual incomes of $600-$10,000 and a 5% tax on income over $10,000. The Bureau of Internal Revenue was established by an Act of Congress on the same day.
  • 1 July 1863 – Beginning of the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War.
  • 2 July 1788 – Congress announced the United States Constitution had been ratified by the required nine states and that a committee had been appointed to prepare for the new American government.
  • 3 July 1775 – During the American Revolution, George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • 4 July 1882 – The “Last Great Buffalo Hunt” began on Indian reservation lands near Hettinger, North Dakota as 2,000 Teton Sioux Indians in full hunting regalia killed about 5,000 buffalo. By this time, most of the estimated 60-75 million buffalos in America had been killed by white hunters who usually took the hides and left the meat to rot. By 1883, the last of the free-ranging buffalo were gone.
  • 6 July 1885 – Louis Pasteur gave the first successful anti-rabies injection to a boy who had been bitten by an infected dog.
  • 7 July 1898 – President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing Hawaii.

8 – 14 July

  • 8 July 1776 – The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence occurred as Colonel John Nixon read it to an assembled crowd in Philadelphia.
  • 9 July 1868 – The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified. The Amendment defined U.S. citizenship and prohibited individual States from abridging the rights of any American citizen without due process and equal protection under the law. The Amendment also barred individuals involved in any rebellion against the U.S. from holding public office.
  • 10 July 1973 – The Bahamas gained independence after 250 years as a British Crown Colony.
  • 10 July 1991 – Boris Yeltsin took the oath of office, becoming the first popularly elected president in Russia’s thousand-year history.
  • 12 July 1943 – During World War II, during the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in history, took place outside the small village of Prohorovka, Russia. About nine hundred Russian tanks attacked an equal number of German tanks fighting at close range. When Hitler ordered a cease-fire, 300 German tanks remained strewn over the battlefield.
  • 14 July 1791 – In England, the Birmingham riot occurred on the second anniversary of the fall of the Bastille. Mob rule lasted for three days, targeting controversial scientist and theologian Joseph Priestly’s home and laboratory, as well as the homes of his friends. Priestly, who expressed support for the American and French revolutions, fled to London with his family and later moved to America.

15 – 20 July

  • 16 July 1769 – The Mission San Diego de Alcala by father Junipero Serra founded San Diego.
  • 16 July 1945 – The experimental Atomic bomb “Fat Boy” was set off at 5:30 a.m. in the desert of New Mexico, creating a mushroom cloud rising 41,000 ft. The bomb emitted heat 3 times the temperature of the interior of the sun and wiped out all plant and animal life within a mile.
  • 16 July 1969 – The Apollo 11 Lunar landing mission began with a liftoff from Kennedy Space Center at 9:37 a.m.
  • 17 July 1918 – In the Russian town of Ekaterinburg in Siberia, former Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were brutally murdered by Bolsheviks.
  • 18 July 1947 – President Harry Truman signed an Executive Order determining the line of succession if the president becomes incapacitated or dies in office.
  • 19 July 1863 – During the American Civil War, Union troops made a second attempt to capture Fort Wagner near Charleston, South Carolina. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, who commanded the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry, led the attack and was killed, along with half of the 600 men in the regiment. This battle marked the first use of black Union troops in the war.
  • 20 July 1954 – The People’s Army of Vietnam and French forces in Vietnam signed an agreement in Geneva, Switzerland, ending hostilities.
  • 20 July 1969 – The  Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon. As he stepped onto the moon, he proclaimed, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – inadvertently omitting an “a” before “man” and slightly changing the meaning.

20 – 25 July

  • 22 July 1934 – FBI agents shot and killed bank robber John Dillinger (1902-1934) as he left Chicago’s Biograph Movie Theater. Dillinger was the first criminal labeled by the FBI as “Public Enemy No. 1.” After spending nine years (1924-1933) in prison, Dillinger went on a deadly crime spree, traveling through Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. He was reportedly betrayed by the “Lady in Red.”
  • 23 July 1952 – Egyptian army officers launched a revolution changing Egypt from a monarchy to a republic.
  • 24 July 1945 – At the conclusion of the Potsdam Conference in Germany, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and China’s representatives issued a demand for unconditional Japanese surrender. The Potsdam Declaration was rejected by the Japanese on July 26, unaware that the demand was backed up by an Atomic bomb.
  • 25 July 1909 – Louis Bleriot achieved the world’s first international overseas airplane flight in a small monoplane. After asking, “Where is England?” he took off from France and landed in England near Dover, where British police greeted him.
  • 25 July 1943 – Two weeks after the Allied attack on Sicily, Mussolini was deposed. Mussolini was ousted from office and placed under arrest after the Fascist Grand Council met for the first time since December of 1939 and took a confidence vote. Then, King Victor Emmanuel of Italy ordered Marshal Pietro Badoglio to form a new government.

26 – 31 July

  • 26 July 1953 – The beginning of Fidel Castro’s revolutionary “26th of July Movement.” In 1959, Castro led the rebellion that drove out dictator Fulgencio Batista. Although he once declared that Cuba would never again be ruled by a dictator, Castro’s government became a Communist dictatorship.
  • 27 July 1953 – The Korean War ended with the signing of an armistice by U.S. and North Korean delegates at Panmunjom, Korea. The war lasted just over three years.
  • 31 July 1790 – The U.S. Patent Office first opened its doors.

Celebrities Who Were Born in July (Both Modern and Historical)

Many famous people celebrate their birthdays in July. Here’s just a short list:

1 – 15 July:

  • July 1, 1961 – Princess Diana, the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales
  • July 3, 1962 – Tom Cruise, one of the highest-grossing box office stars of all time
  • July 4, 1995 – Post Malone, best-selling pop singer, and songwriter, who has won 10 Billboard music awards
  • July 6, 1946 – Sylvester Stallone, best known for playing the boxer Rocky Balboa in the ‘Rocky’ film series
  • July 6, 1979 – Kevin Hart,  a well-known comedian
  • July 6, 1907 – Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for her brilliantly colored self-portraits
  • July 9, 1956 – Tom Hanks, one of the most popular film stars worldwide
  • July 10, 1856 – Nikola Tesla, an inventor, engineer & futurist, obtained over 300 patents
  • July 10, 1972 – Sofia Vergara, actress
  • July 12, 1978 – Michelle Rodriguez, actress and screenwriter
  • July 13, 1942 – Harrison Ford, one of the highest-grossing actors in North America

16 – 30 July:

  • July 18, 1967 – Vin Diesel, an American best known for his role in the “Fast & Furious” films
  • July 19, 1976 – Benedict Cumberbatch, an English actor known for his work on screen and stage
  • July 21, 1899 – Ernest Hemingway, American literary icon known for his straightforward prose & use of understatement
  • July 21, 1951 – Robin Williams, actor and a comedian
  • July 22, 1992 – Selena Gomez, singer and songwriter
  • July 23, 1989 – Daniel Radcliffe, actor known for his role as Harry Potter
  • July 24, 1897 – Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean
  • July 24, 1969 – Jennifer Lopez, popular singer, actress, and dancer
  • July 25, 1967 – Matt LeBlanc, American actor famous for his role as ‘Joey Tribbiani’ in the TV Sitcom ‘Friends’
  • July 26, 1964 – Sandra Bullock, one of the highest-paid actresses
  • July 30, 1947 – Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor & Former Mr. Universe
  • July 30, 1863 – Henry Ford, founder of the ‘Ford Motor Company’
  • July 30, 1968 – Terry Crews, actor, and American football player
  • July 31, 1965 – J. K. Rowling, Author of the children’s fantasy series, ‘Harry Potter’

History of Independence Day – Why July 4th is celebrated?

Are you curious about the history of Independence Day and why we celebrate it on July 4th? Well, buckle up because I’m about to give you a rundown of some important historical facts!

On July 4th, 1776, the Second Continental Congress, represented by the 13 American colonies, declared their independence from Great Britain by signing the Declaration of Independence. A committee of five drafted the document, including Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration expressed the colonies’ complaints against the British government, along with an announcement they’ll create a new country.

Although the agreement was signed on July 4, it was not formally adopted until July 8. This resulted in not all of the colonies celebrating the event. John Adams (one of the signers of the Declaration) actually thought that July 2nd should be the day recognized and celebrated because it was the day the Congress voted in favor of independence. July 4th was declared a federal holiday in 1941.

Today, on American Independence Day we celebrate with:

  • Fireworks
  • Parades
  • Picnics
  • Listening to political speeches
  • Visiting patriotic displays

History of Bastille Day


The Bastille Day celebrated on July 14th, is a significant day in French history. It commemorates the fall of the Bastille prison, a symbol of the French monarchy’s tyranny. The event marked a turning point in the French Revolution and the beginning of the end of the French monarchy.

The Bastille Day is a national holiday in France and French people celebrate it with:

  • Parades, including the famous military parade on the Champs-Elysées in Paris
  • Fireworks
  • Other festivities

Quotes about July

I think July is probably everyone’s favorite summer month, which is why I couldn’t miss sharing my top 5 favorite July quotes with you!

If I had my way, I’d remove January from the calendar altogether and have an extra July instead. – Roald Dahl

July is a blind date with summer. – Hal Borland

But here I am in July, and why am I thinking about Christmas pudding? Probably because we always pine for what we do not have. The winter seems cozy and romantic in the hell of summer, but hot beaches and sunlight are what we yearn for all winter. – Joanna Franklin Bell

Supplies to Print Your Free July Calendar Printables

These are some of my favorite printing and planning supplies:



Pens & Highlighters

Frixion erasable pens are amazing! They come in black, blue, and a mix of bright colors, and they aren’t like the erasable pens I grew up with that made a mess of paper and didn’t really erase. They erase easily, look great, and are my most favorite pens to plan with because I can color-code events, and I can easily erase them when things change.

If you want a pen that doesn’t erase, the BIC Gel-Ocity pens are my favorite. They write so smoothly and are a pleasure to use. According to my Amazon history, I’ve purchased the 12 pack linked below 14 different times so my love for them is pretty serious!


These Frixion Highlighters are just as great as the pens! They erase beautifully, don’t damage paper, and make my color-coding dreams come true!

If you like a more subtle highlighter, these Mildliner Highlighters are gorgeous. I like to use these when I want a softer look, and I’m certain I won’t need to change or erase anything. They also have ink on both ends so you can easily make different sized lines.

Post-it Notes

I love post-it notes. They’re great for reminders, organizing ideas, quick decluttering labels, and even bookmarks! I like to use post-its in various colors, sizes, and sometimes different shapes too. The heart notes are a great way to leave little love notes for your partner or kiddo. These are my favorites:

And that wraps up our July overview, my friends! It’s time to embrace the summer vibes, plan those vacations, and make lasting memories. From the exciting celebrations of Independence Day to the intriguing history behind the name “July,” this month is packed with significance and meaning. So go ahead, download your favorite July template, mark down those important dates, and make the most of this summer season. Stay organized, stay focused, and keep rockin’ that happy organized life!

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