Homeschooling all of a sudden

Welcome new homeschoolers!

Today we return from a funeral (which is why this post is late!) of a good man who, among other things in his long, fruitful, and faith-filled life, participated in founding a small school that has grown quite a bit in recent years.

The original idea was for the families involved to rescue their own children from an educational system that was failing to teach them the true, the good, and the beautiful, and was in fact dangerous to their minds and hearts. That was over 30 years ago.

He died of old age, may he rest in peace.

I bring this up to ask you for prayers for Ray Kelly of course; and to be sure that we keep in mind that the need to remove our children from the system didn’t arise last year, although the particular attacks on their well being certainly had not been foreseen.

It wasn’t “twenty years ago” — that handy, but often inaccurate, default time-frame — either, that alert parents became aware that educators were abusing their time with children to deform them. Turning children against country, against God, and even against their own human nature is not a recent project of the Left. (William Kilpatrick wrote about what Marxists call “The Long March through the institutions” here, last year.)

The main founder and headmaster of this small school I mention (Trivium School), John Schmitt, had himself been educated at home in a fitful way, when his parents became frustrated with the teachers of a given year. That would have been in the 1940s and 50s…

Our own family began (also fitfully, at first) homeschooling in the late 80s. For years we were virtually alone in our town, although I was aware of those pioneers who had gone before us — their books and articles were of great help to me, and I refer to them often here on the blog.

So welcome to the movement! You will do great things. Save yourself re-inventing the wheel! One thing I know: economists are wondering where a huge chunk of the workforce has suddenly disappeared to — I know that many of those who have left are women, discovering that their home and their children need them.

I am here to affirm you in that noble understanding.

Poke around in our archives, take advantage of our links to others who have been educating their children at home for decades. Keep calm and enjoy your time together.

bits & pieces

Every week (or when I am able to post), I try to give you some interesting links from around the web. What kind of things? Maybe a longer article that I think will contribute to your understanding of some important issue; an edifying article for your students; I love things of beauty and want you to know; often something funny or lighthearted. (Just remember that when I send you somewhere via a link, I’m not necessarily endorsing the site or publication itself.) Lots of links this week!

  • Bari Weiss is always worth a read: “We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage.” Critical Race Theory is the academic title to a destructive idea that has finally coalesced into a missile aimed at the entire educational system. It ends in the tyranny of the silencing mob. You just need common sense to resist it.
  • October is the month of the Rosary. If you don’t have the habit of praying this powerful prayer as a family, this is the month to get started! My friend Peter Kwasniewski has a spirited article on the Old Testament roots of the devotion that I hope will encourage you (husbands will love it)! The Rosary Sounds the Trumpet of the New Israel. (See below for my practical tips.)
  • Weird that human jaws are shrinking, leading to orthodontic and other problems. Also weird that the article doesn’t mention anything about the decline in breastfeeding, also world-wide.

from the archives

  • Speaking of breastfeeding, I have lots of posts for you on that topic, because all things raising children relate to educating them. Also search “nursing the baby” archives.

liturgical living

Today is the feast of St. Hedwig.

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