Help! My Child is Devouring Homeschool Curriculum!

Help! My Child is Devouring Homeschool Curriculum!

Almost nothing gets a homeschool mom’s heart racing like the sight of a brand-new curriculum, stacked clean and neat, ready for a new year of learning. We’ve done the research, placed the orders, and planned out the next several months, complete with themed weeks, finale projects, and even a few well-timed field trips.

The butterflies and beating pulse that come with a new year, new books, blank pages, and a tidy planner… sigh. Top that feeling off with a sniff of the new books and the spine crack of an unopened text, and the beginning of the school year is downright intoxicating.

But, as veteran homeschoolers know, it often doesn’t take long for that color-coded calendar to need some tweaking, re-arranging, or maybe even brand-new pages altogether. Some lessons take longer or someone gets sick and before you know it you’ve fallen behind schedule. It’s a scenario we can all relate to and generally have enough grace to push through.

But what about when your plans are destroyed for a completely different reason? What happens when your carefully planned schedule is blown up not because you need to catch up, but because you can’t keep up?

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