Five on a Friday

1. Island Bound!

I am giddy with excitement as I type this from the plane. We are on our way to one of our family’s FAVORITE trips/destinations- sailing at catamaran in the BVIs. We took the girls sailing in the BVI’s with The Moorings in 2019 (they both look so little) and we are over the moon about going back.

I answered a lot of your sailing questions here, but this time I hope to offer even more helpful advice on how to plan a trip like this for your family. It can feel a little overwhelming with flights, ferries, and the actual sailing part, but it’s truly such a unique, adventurous, and memorable experience. I’ll be sharing in live time on IG stories, but will also be recapping it all here upon our return.

2. Graduation Gifts

My nephew graduates from high school this year, which is crazy! I still remember meeting him when he was just a toddler while David and I were in our early days of dating. I’m working on putting together a little basket of gifts and here’s what I have so far: a hoodie for the college he’s attending, a copy of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, an egg cooker for the dorm, and a hearty travel laundry bag with great reviews.

Any other ideas for what to include? Gift cards? Do you remember a gift or item you appreciated during this time of your life? Or have a rec for a gift you love to give to grads in your life?

3. Athleta More Coverage Swim Bottoms

I love Athleta’s clothes. The quality, the fit, the comfort. I have two pairs of these shorts that are my island exploring shorts. I also just purchased a pair of their fuller coverage swim bottoms and I am so happy with them. I’m not usually a bikini girl, but with these bottoms, I’m feeling really comfortable, like my cheeks aren’t hanging out. I also love the hot pink color. I highly recommend if you’re like me and need or want a little more fabric covering your back side.

4. The Ringer

I’ve been using my cast iron skillet more lately. I don’t even know why except that I like how wholesome it feels. I also find it, the easier it is to clean. Just a sprinkle of coarse salt and this stainless steel ringer scrubs it clean in less than a minute. If you have a cast iron, you need this scrubber! No soaps, no chemicals- just cast iron and stainless steel. A quick dry on the stove and it’s ready to go again. I also use it on my stainless steel pans and my wooden cooking tools to help scrub off any tough messes.

5. Spectrum Books

Between activities, travel, and other life stuff, it’s been such a saving grace to have Spectrum Workbooks to help me during this “review” season of our homeschool year.

We aren’t usually much of a workbook family, but with our end of year assessment at the end of May, so I like to spend the month before hand combing over concepts we’ve learned throughout the year. I got both H and K spelling and math books. For the math, I go through with a highlighter and highlight a few of each kind of problem for them to do. It’s been easy and well received by the kids. Maybe I’ll even try a lang arts book at some point, but for now I’ve been impressed with the spelling and math.

I hope you have a fun and fulfilling weekend! <3

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