Baby Steps


I snagged an hour yesterday and scooted up to the sewing room and got my fabric cut out for the Buffalo Check Halloween Table Topper by Carried Away.

Easy to follow instructions and I had a sense of accomplishment that I even achieved that much! 


I completed the first four checkerboard rows. The difference in shading between the white and the "light" fabric is subtle, but you can definitely see the difference. Next up are the star blocks, which will feature that crosshatch fabric in my first photo.

This project should go quickly, so that achievement will do wonders for my sewing morale!

Eva and I are getting through the second week of homeschooling just great. Today our fun project was to make a pink pom pom pig. She was sure pleased with how it turned out! Not sure what in the world she will do with it, but she sure had fun making it.


Thanks for all the reminders of great retro cookie recipes in the comments to yesterday's posts. I will be making molasses cookies for my husband soon. I sure wish Eva liked peanut butter cookies, they are my favorites, but I never make them. Remember "Ranger Cookies"? I think that was the name. They had everything in them: coconut, oatmeal, walnuts, m & s. Gosh they were good.

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