(AD/Review) 3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

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Childhood is an essential time for developing mental health and establishing healthy patterns that can improve a child's chances of living a happy, healthy, and productive life. Mental wellness is just as critical as physical well-being during childhood. 

Children's experiences during their younger years significantly shape their emotional and cognitive development, and good mental health is vital for their healthy growth and development. Addressing mental health issues in children early can prevent long-term emotional and behaviour difficulties, promote positive social relationships and improve overall quality of life.

3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

We were kindly given the opportunity to review some mental health themed workbooks for children, and I'd love to share them with you now!

As we are a home-schooling family, it gives us more opportunity to focus on really beneficial life lessons, we even have a specific "lesson" each week focusing on wellbeing. These workbooks are ideal as a tool to use each week together!

3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

The Happy Workbook by Imogen Harrison is a wonderful book, all about encouraging children to find happiness in their daily lives. The workbook  each focuses on different aspects of happiness, such as gratitude and mindfulness.

The fab workbook provides engaging and easy-to-follow exercises encourage self-reflection, helping children identify what truly makes them happy and what they can do to increase their happiness.

Using scientific research and evidence this helps to encourage the importance of prioritizing mental wellbeing.

3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

The Calm Workbook is also by Imogen Harrison is an wonderful self-help workbook for children who may need help overcoming stress or anger, and providing guidance for lowering those emotions, and using more calm strategies to regulate their emotions. 

The exercises are easy to follow and can be completed in just a few minutes each day, meaning children won't get overwhelmed, and will enjoy working through each little task at a time. 

Personally, I love how The Calm Workbook tackles stress and anxiety. Rather than offering quick fixes, the author encourages readers to explore the causes of these emotions and helps children to develop practical solutions. This includes addressing physical, mental, and emotional factors!

3 Fab Books To Help Children Nurture Their Mental Health

Calm Monsters: A Child's guide to coping with their feelings is a delightful and fun read for young children. This book is a great resource for parents, guardians, and caregivers to help children navigate their emotions and feelings during difficult times. The book features colourful illustrations of monsters that teach children how to handle their emotions through simple exercises.

The book is engaging and interactive, with activities like drawing and colouring, making it a great way for children to apply what they have learned. 

Calm Monsters is an excellent resource for children and parents alike. It gives children the tools they need to cope with emotional challenges and helps parents and caregivers understand how to support their children during difficult moments. The book is well written, informative, and visually appealing, making it easy for children to stay engaged while learning about their emotions.

All three books are available on Amazon

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