7 Ways to Improve Concentration While Working From Home

On a day to day basis, your home is a multifaceted place that houses numerous different types of activities, from relaxing in the evenings, to homeschooling your children during the daytime. Having a home that can “do it all” is what everyone strives for in the modern day. Many people are working from home, teaching their children and running busy households all at the same time. This is why it’s important to have a home that is both relaxing and motivating all at the same time. Discovering the best possible set up for your child’s learning environment at home is something you are always keen to do too, so that concentration levels improve all round for your children. WIth this in mind, there are a handful of things you can do to create the best possible working environment for you and the youngsters in the house. Whether your children are catching up on their homework, or you’re running a busy business, here are seven tried and tested ways to improve concentration whilst you work from home or homeschool your children.

Create a Comfortable Environment 

When you’re working from home, you need to be able to sit comfortably in an appropriate temperature. Depending on the time of year, you may want to sit near an open window to allow fresh air to circulate around the room. However, if you live in a very warm climate you may need to turn on the air conditioning. Looking into home ac repair near me would be the first port of call if you are struggling to turn on your unit or you’re having trouble with the system in your house. Having the option of air conditioning in your home will ensure that you’re always at a comfortable temperature whilst you work or homeschool your children. This will also hugely benefit your children’s concentration whilst they learn at home too.

Invest in the Right Furniture 

Working from home or homeschooling means using the furniture that you have in and around the house. In some cases, you may be working from furniture that doesn’t serve the correct purpose for your job. If your work is mainly laptop or computer based, you need a proper ergonomic chair and desk and a small home office space that can be adjusted for your comfort. If you do not have the right equipment to sit on and work from you will easily lose concentration as you will be focused on other things.

Turn off Your Phone

This may sound like an obvious strategy, however, many people still keep their phones on their desks whilst they carry out their work or homeschool their children. Phones are a huge distraction and can hamper your concentration levels. Keep your phone in a locked drawer or put it upstairs in your bedroom until you have a break. Having less screen time in your life is good for your health and it will ensure that you are always focused on the task at hand.

Reduce Background Noise

If you’re the type of person who always has the television or radio on in the background, now would be the ideal time to turn them off! Your working day is probably going to be filled with email alerts, phone calls and children with plenty of questions throughout the day. It could be very easy to get distracted by noise coming from the television or become overstimulated. Keep background noises to a minimum and play classical music if you have to have the radio on during the day.

Write an Effective Schedule 

An effective schedule is one of the only ways to have a successful week working from home or homeschooling. Write down what you are going to achieve each day and factor in some wiggle room for ad hoc tasks that may arise. Mapping out your week on a Sunday evening will help you to feel extra prepared and ready to tackle the jobs ahead of you. Having a schedule to refer to throughout the day and week will also help you to maintain concentration.

Take Regular Breaks

You will never be able to sustain concentration for hours and hours on end, so you must factor regular breaks into your working day. Try to get outside for a walk and some fresh air whenever you can as this is like hitting the reset button on your brain.

Fuel Your Body

Starting your day with an array of nutritious fruits,  vegetables and fiber is the ideal way to fuel your body for the day ahead. If you often struggle to add more fruit and veg into your diet then why not make your own delicious breakfast smoothie? Certain fruits such as blueberries and bananas contain vital vitamins that can help to improve your overall concentration. As well as starting the day with a healthy breakfast, you should also take a full lunch break and eat wholesome snacks throughout the day too. Keep a bag of nuts or a bowl of fruit on your desk so that you always have easy access to satisfying snacks.

Although your home should be a relaxing and stress-free environment, it also needs to allow you to carry out your day to day tasks. Whether you’re busy taking calls for your growing business or you’re teaching your children their alphabet, your home needs to be a place that allows everybody to concentrate. Having a successful day will depend on a number of different factors. First of all,  your home needs to be set up so that everyone is comfortable in the environment and surroundings. Secondly, you need to prepare for the day ahead by planning out your schedule, nourishing your body with healthy foods and saving time for much-needed mini breaks throughout the day. Everyday will be different when you spend most of your days at home, but there are a number of factors that can remain constant no matter what. As long as you are prepared for the day ahead, and you do everything in your power to create a motivating environment for your family, everyone will be set-up for a successful day of work.

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