60 People Who Work For IRL Michael Scotts Are Sharing Wild Stories That Could Easily Be Episodes Of “The Office”

Michael Gary Scott was born on March 15, 1964. He was hired as a salesman at Dunder Mifflin in 1992 and proved to be extremely effective, which resulted in him being promoted to regional manager. However, he's incompetent at this important role and keeps injecting his personal feelings into the work environment. Michael abuses his authority by holding events that his superiors disapprove of, such as The Dundies Award Ceremony, and likes to throw his favorite catchphrase "That's what she said!" in business meetings and legal depositions. He's also fictional. But the character has plenty of real-life 'admirers.'

And we might not have even realized it if it wasn't for Redditor u/Supersmaaashley. Some time ago, they created a post on the platform, asking other users: "Do bosses like Michael Scott actually exist? And if you worked for one, what's your craziest story?" Apparently, they do! We at Bored Panda went through all of the 6.9K comments and picked out the best so you wouldn't need to. Enjoy!


I used Michael Scott as a reference point for an old boss of mine from the moment I started working there. He made Chewbacca noises on the regular because one of my coworkers’ names sort of vaguely sounded like Chewbacca (it didn’t), used voice to text extremely loudly in his office for no reason to send really personal messages, got really excited and wore a specific vest any time we had after-work outings scheduled, shouted the same like 7 references to old movies and extremely awkward hip-hop song quotes 100 times a day, and insisted on greeting all our international coworkers very loudly in their language (they all speak perfect English, of course), looking around for approval afterward, and then fully giggling at everyone’s French accents on conference calls. He also told me a lot about an improv show he did for a full year after it happened.

That said - he had all the good parts too. He never hesitated go to the mat for any of us whether we deserved it or not, he gave really sage business advice and great examples of how to face challenges out of absolutely nowhere, and he came to every community play I did in the 4 years I worked for him - and told everyone else in the office how good I was in it for the following month and chastised them for not coming. When things really got serious or bad in my life, he couldn’t have been more kind, helpful, and supportive.

Honestly? Probably the best boss I’ll ever have.

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Worked with a genuine Michael Scott: i.e. a nice, well-meaning person who just did some absurd things.

We had kidnapping drills one day, where we learned how to ‘not be kidnapped’. Notably, this was a regular, boring office in a regular, boring suburb. No reason why kidnapping would be on anybody’s radar...

He and several of the guys randomly broke out into a push-up contest. Again. White collar office. Middle-aged dudes in khakis.

Couldn’t remember the nationality of our Hispanic colleague. Tried to “learn Spanish” to make her feel special when she returned from maternity leave. (1) What he learned was NOT Spanish, and (2) she was from Portugal. She knew like, five words of Spanish.

Disappeared for four days. No call. No email. Wouldn’t respond to any of our attempts to reach him. Finally, someone drove out to his house to make sure he was alive. He was. He’d just forgotten to tell us he was taking the week off, and then lost his phone in a lake.

There were many, many moments like these. Great boss. Genuinely cared about everyone in the company. Occasional moments of brilliance, where he really got things done. But OMG, so many moments of ridiculousness.

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My boss used to carry around a backpack full of hammers and if you fell sleep at your desk he started banging a hammer on your desk until you woke up and then he would autograph the hammer and give it to you as a gift

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My first boss in America, I was 21. He was Asian-American. I had never seen the office but noted the absurdity.

He would get free potato chips from a guy in a company truck and would stuff his cheeks in the middle of telling me what to do. He always offered some.

He'd call our coworker a baby lion because she was tiny with unruly hair. He'd even do a small roar whenever she was about to report for her shift or when I mentioned her name.

He once threw a cricket at me from the very opposite end of the office floor. He and another coworker kept such straight faces that I finally convinced myself the cricket flung itself at me. I watched the cameras at the end of the day, only to see them do it. I’m still traumatized.

He'd also bring his daughter to work and give her piggyback rides in the office. He'd ask me to take videos too.

He had an open-door policy and would do shots in his office.

Would regularly fall asleep under his desk. The snoring was so loud you could hear it in the front. Once a client asked what that noise was and I said it was the plumbing.

Another time, he fell into a poison ivy bush and didn’t know it. He ran around screaming until we sat him in his office, semi-undressed, and put medicine on his wounds. He was so miserable for days.

He was actually the nicest boss I’ve ever had. Well-meaning if a little racially insensitive — all while being fascinated by other people’s cultures. He would buy different cuisines for us to try each week.

He gave bonuses because he knew the job didn’t pay much, so that was always a nice surprise. He also paid my former coworker when she had to stay home all through her husband’s COVID.

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He held a meeting with our whole team less one person to discuss said person being gay. We all knew for well over a year, and never made a deal of it. So yes, they are out there and that is why the show is so funny to me. I can relate..

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I had a boss once who spent all morning locked in his office. He asked me to come in after lunch where he showed me a handmade graph. He then proceeded to explain that this was a chart of all the sex he had ever had in his life. "See, here it is blank until I joined the army. Then I went to a hooker here. Then they sent me to Vietnam where hookers only charged $2 per time. That's where you see the big jump. I was on two tours but then got shot in the face. I came back home and you see how it just drops to almost nothing. " I was astounded.

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Never have worked for one myself, but my dad told me a story about his boss who was giving out awards to everyone in honor of how long they've worked there, and he would give speeches for each person.

A woman employee received her award and he gave a speech about the story of how she came to work there. And he said, "At first I didn't want to hire her because she was so hot."

My dad's not working there anymore, but I love that story because I will never not picture Michael Scott giving Pam a Dundie and saying that about her.

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I had one and these are just a few quick stories

- he asked me how much I weighed during my interview

- one time he was considering selling the company to a Japanese company and while walking them around the building he was heard saying ‘we really bombed the hell out of you, huh?’

- he got on the intercom and interrupted everyone by yelling for someone to bring him the football team’s schedule

- I have video of him telling a really cringy joke during a sales meeting. You could see at least one person covering their face in embarrassment

- one time he told me to call his assistant and have her bring him a bag of coffee and his 5lb dumbbell

- he had a ‘secret’ facelift. He was mysteriously gone for 3 weeks and came back with a beard.

- I ended up with a box of pictures from the 70s with an exotic dancer giving him a lap dance. In the conference room. Same furniture.

- One time I watched his business partner go down the pot luck line, tasting everything with the same fork. At the end of the line, he stuck his used fork into the cake. I haven’t eaten at a work buffet since.

Honestly, these are just the ones I immediately remember. It was 5 years of this.

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Yep, I had one.

Organized a thoroughly awkward award ceremony once (that we never did again).

Asked a Mexican employee if his new baby’s name was going to be “No Mas” during the shower we threw for him.

Heard me once use the phrase “economy of scale,” then used it wrong 5 minutes later in a conversation with different people.

Didn’t know the meaning behind “Black Friday” and what it meant for a company to be “in the black.”

Just like Michael Scott, only more of a d*ck.

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He wanted a pomegranate for lunch and they were out of season, but that didn’t stop him from sending me on a quest to every grocery store in town in search of a pomegranate. Multiple produce guys laughed at me, but that was the easiest $13/hr I’ve ever made.

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My boss is certainly Michael Scott-esque. When I first started I was essentially Pam as well since I was both receptionist and his assistant to some extent. My favorite story was back when we were prepping for a conference. Some context, he’s terrible with the English language in general and will mangle phrases and descriptions to no end (how the turn tables...). So on a group call he kept talking about wanting a “golden hamster ball” to do giveaways with. Was raving about how great it would be spinning around while people walked by, all the while everyone on the call was just sitting in confused silence. However by that point, I had become so good at decoding his nonsense that I knew he was referring to a gold raffle cage and sent him image privately asking if it’s what he was thinking. To this day he still talks about the fact I can read his mind and must be psychic. And he still refers to it as a hamster ball.

All in all he’s a pretty nice guy and a solid boss. Hired me based on a gut feeling and has been decent to me ever since. I think I knew it would be a good fit when during the interview he tried to tell me about the four pillars of the company and forgot one. Told me later it was Knowledge.

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I had a redhead boss who made us all sit down and watch a training video about how we shouldn’t refer to him as a “ginger” because it is bullying.

No one had ever called him that.

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I had a boss sneak up behind a middle-aged female employee and pick her up, then immediately drop her down saying "I didn't think you weighed that much!" He could not stop laughing. He was the principal. This occurred during passing period in a crowded middle school hallway.


I had a boss and I am not kidding it was like he watched The Office and took it for a real documentary and applied Michael Scotts management lessons accordingly. Not the craziest, but the best example of a daily interaction with him:

He decided that the reason we were struggling to keep to time frames, is because our checklist was not right. However he has no experience in our field of work, so he did not know what was actually needed (the real issue was severe understaffing). But he got it in his head and there was no talking him out of it.

So I redid the checklist to have the same layout, I just changed the order of the items. He didn't actually realise I changed the order, he just took one look and decided that nope, its not right.

So I went back to the original version and put the check boxes on the left instead of the right. Literally all I did.

Apparently it was perfect and we would see an improvement in our time frames because of his idea to 'fix' the checklist.



My boyfriends HR lady is ironically the Michael Scott of his workplace. Today, she hosted one of her monthly meetings on random topics. The topic was heat exhaustion.. they work in the AC. As part of the meeting, she created a raffle gift box which included an autographed picture of Ice Cube in a frame (get it?) which “may or may not be authenticated”. He’s also run into her in the ABC store during work hours with a full shopping cart.


I had a boss once offer me 50$ if I came in to cover a shift for him. Instead of paying me cash he gave me a comic he claimed was worth $50. It wasn't.


My current boss is a Michael Scott.

Once he came out to the office where all of us sit in cubicles and told us we needed to have an emergency conference. “Get up, get up everyone in the conference room this is really important let’s go”

So we all go in, he turns off the lights and the projector turns on. On the screen is not what we expected. It was an ultrasound video of our coworkers GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Our boss wanted us to guess how many puppies we thought we saw in the ultrasound and that the person who guessed closest would win 100 dollars.


My a*s boss insisted his daughters be flower girls in my wedding. I declined. At the reception, he told me I was spending too much time talking to one person, and I need to work the room more.

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I had a boss that used to watch me through a gap in the glass partition between our desks. She wanted to see if I was paying attention during meetings. One day, I put a large folder to cover the gap and she freaked. I still laugh when I think about it.

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I literally had a boss who would stop us in the middle of our work and hold company-wide meetings talking about 9/11 truther conspiracies and chemtrails. Mind you we were furniture-making company. He would get so caught up in his conspiracy theories that he forgot to order wood to make furniture one month.

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I worked for a woman as her “personal assistant/ cat sitter”. She was super rich and off the deep end nuts. She had me order a mannequin online, and then paid me to take one of the mannequin legs to Nordstrom to try and see what suitcase I could buy that would fit the dismembered mannequin body, because she wanted to fly with the mannequin to Pittsburgh to display “as her daughter”, dressed in her daughter’s clothes, at that daughter’s graduation celebration. buying the mannequin was a whole thing too. She kept trying to get me to order from “adult doll” websites because she didn’t get it.

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Female version of michael scott. About the time Harry Potter started becoming really big she wrote a story that was pretty much an exact rip off and all but forced us read the first two chapters. She then redecorated her office to look like a wizard room in a castle including plastic wallpaper that looked like CobleStone and fake LED candles for light. She evean had a small wooden table in the niddle with several wooden wands and spellbooks. Upper management finially had enough and took away her office and moved her to a cubicle with the rest of us.


I had a boss that had many Micheal Scott tendencies, but for some reason I cannot remember many of the specific situations.

One that sticks out is: I had a 6'x6' cubicle and he had the biggest office in the building. It was probably 15'x20' and had all kinds of cabinets and storage. He walked up to my cubicle with a massive load of stuff from his office and plopped it on my desk and said "store this stuff here." I just looked at him dumbfounded and took me awhile to respond. I eventually refused and told him I would help him find a place in his office.

He was also very easy to get off task and I remember us doing things like having arm wrestling matches in the middle of the work day. Nothing wrong with that but it was just funny.

He would sometimes hide around cubicle walls and scare the women in the office. It wasn't unusual to hear women scream at the top of their lungs throughout the day.


My Italian Michael Scott boss has that traditional stubbornness which he's really allowed to display since it's a traditional gelato shop and we're an at-will state (US).

One summer, he fired a kid for 'not being hygienic and not cleaning well' when we all knew the boss was uncomfortable this kid was queer.

Next summer, I'm the manager and my then assistant manager and I are both queer women. In the midst of a mild homophobic/heretophobic (?) misunderstanding, we both came out to my boss. At one point before opening he pulls me outside to ask me a "personal question"- if I preferred having sex with men or women.

I told him women, and I'm a pretty open person and find jokes help break barriers, so I ask him which he prefers. He says women, "of course," and we walk back inside where my assistant manager is and joke about it with her, and I tell him he's a lesbian since he prefers women. He finds this f*cking hilarious, and yells out in the shop


He's grown more understanding ever since. His questions are sincere, though sometimes badly phrased.


While a lot of these are annoying bosses, not much of them are actually like Michael Scott.

I had a senior leader in the Navy who was almost EXACTLY like Michael Scott.

The way he'd repeat a punchline over and over to silence, because he thought people didn't get it, when really it was inappropriate or not funny, or a thing people said a lot ten years ago. The way he'd walk into the main office area from his office, and everyone would get quiet and turn around. The way he'd talk your head off about something you don't care about, wishing he'd just let you get back to work. The racial insensitivity while trying to be sensitive, usually in the form of assuming a POC's background/upbringing. Stuck in the same position for a decade, for obvious reasons.

He would come up to you out of nowhere and just go, "bazinga!" And then say it again, and go, "Right?! Like in Big Bang Theory!" And then go laughing back to his office.

He would pitch these terrible ideas that we absolutely had to implement. I would protest, but he had a very passive second in charge - a lot like Toby - who would just bend over and let it happen.

The worst was when his leadership style brought a new girl so much anxiety, it eventually brought her to tears, and he felt like he was the only one who could console her, shooing away anyone who tried to help/intervene.


I used to work stocking shelves at a grocery store. Thanksgiving was coming up and we were slammed. We were getting a massive shipment in, almost twice as many pallets as we normally get. After we unload the truck, we're all scrambling to get things done so we can leave on time. Well our manager calls an emergency meeting. We all get into the back office and he proceeded to have a 45 min meeting about this is a big shipment and we can't waste time. I thought it was a weird joke but he thought he was giving us a pep rally.


I told him we were pregnant, but it was early and we weren't telling anyone (we had had a few miscarriages), so he emailed the entire agency congratulating us.

After the baby my wife had a little belly. Nothing major just a Pulp Fiction "pot". A year or so after the baby was born he congratulated her in the parking lot on being pregnant again. We were not. His wife was there and was mortified.

A year later he congratulated me again saying he saw my wife and when were we due. This was in front of all the ladies in the office. Again, we were not pregnant.

I once made him cry bc I told him a client didn't really like him and would rather deal with me.

He had one of those yoga balls he would sit on instead of an office chair and he would bounce up and down while taking to you.

The list is exhaustive. This was at the height of the American Office popularity so it was downright amazing to see it represented so accurately on a week to week basis.


Yeah, and I worked for a church and he was the senior pastor. He had no filter and his own morality (which was questionable to everyone else). He'd say things to the secretary like, "I don't think you and your husband should be together in the upcoming pictorial directory photos since you guys are probably gonna get a divorce." (she was fighting hard for her marriage).
- If he didn't get his way during a meeting he'd go straight to the classic grandma Christian phrases like, "what's God gonna say when we get to heaven and we didn't let the charismatic church use our building for services?" (they were known to do fake faith healings and things of that nature)

- He'd also put his hands on every young girl's shoulders and flirt with every granny (he himself was mid 40s).

He got fired for cheating on his wife.


We had an anonymous feedback program at work, and our boss was livid with the results, particularly with several comments that he frequently lost his temper in meetings and would yell at us.

The more he talked about how incorrect and unfair and hurtful these comments were, the redder and angrier he got, until he finally pounded the table and shouted, "I DO NOT! SCREAM! IN MEETINGS! OKAY?"

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My mom's boss was the head manager at an office job in suburbia, pretty similar number of employees and function to the Office in the show. He was in his late 40's at the time and invited himself to my mom's birthday party at our house one year. Basically was just my siblings and and a few family friends meeting up to play cornhole and chat for a couple hours. He showed up in pastel blue shorts, a pink polo, and flip flops with a case of Natural Light. He got hammered by like 9pm and started yelling at everyone. He saw a couple of our neighbors (younger guys) drinking next door and took the liberty to invite them over. Eventually he ended up in a wrestling match with one of the neighbors in the living room, which he finished by lifting the neighbor up in the air and body slamming him directly onto our coffee table. His final act of the evening was sh*tting his pants in the kitchen and passing out on the linoleum.


Long ago, my 80 year old boss pulled me into his office

B: "Paul, I've noticed that your shirts come untucked and that looks unprofessional"

Me: I'm sorry about that Joel

B: I want you to start tucking your shirts into your underwear

Me: Uhhh...

B: Go ahead and and try it now.

Me: Joel, you know I have 15 women who report to me - I can't un-do my pants in the office.

B: Sure you can. Drops pants. He is 80 and wearing Spiderman underoos...

This is also the story of how I went to work at *oke instead.

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I once worked for a family company (not my family) where my boss often had loud fights with her husband, mother, and sister (an addict with a penchant for stealing) in the halls. I have a million wonderful stories about that workplace but one that stuck out to me is this:

Once for someone’s birthday, she decided it would be fun to buy an anatomically correct, male blowup doll. She took this doll into the office, blew him up, and dressed him in a construction vest (the company was a contractor). When I walked by, my boss was trying to manipulate the position of the blowup d*ck, and asked me if I wanted to be the “fluffer”.


Mine had aspects of Michael Scott but the ones that are sad and pathetic and not funny. A couple examples: - he called an all staff meeting to announce his divorce. He then instructed our receptionist to lie to his soon to be ex wife and deny he was in the office, all the time. - he was just so, so incompetent at his job. If a task was too big or complicated he would just .... Not do it. Wouldn't ask for help or anything, he'd just move on and leave whatever issue to fester. I would have to constantly monitor and follow up with him to get things done that effected my job - his writing read like he used a thesaurus heavily. Tons of superfluous words clearly put in there to make him sound smart - when he was terminated he kept the corporate laptop and cell phone. After several strongly worded letters requesting their return, he drove back to the office, parked on the edge of the road (think busy rural highway) and made his teenage son carry it all across the yard and parking lot to deliver them

I was eventually tasked by the big bosses to coordinate his termination. They then gave me his job plus my previous one. I can do both within a 40 hr week no problem.


Had a boss who was very peculiar. For instance, he'd open a random closet, look at the stuff inside, then go on a tirade, "look at all this! Who bought all this c**p?!?!" - "Uh, you did". "Oh. Well somebody needs to throw it away!" Constant stuff like this.


My boss is like Michael Scott in the bad ways:

She thinks she’s friends with everyone.

She thinks she’s really cool, but is super lame.

She constantly distracts you from your work.

She calls frequent meetings with no purpose or direction.


2012 . Working the top end apartment market in Melbourne, Australia.

The boss is in his 70's and seriously old school. Like didn't believe in social media marketing old school.

The IT guy changed our data storage from an old box in the office we worked to a cloud.

Boss didn't want a cloud server, because the wind and thunderstorms might mess it up.

Deadly deadly serious. I would have said something during the meeting but the look on IT guys face was too good to disturb.


Me: “Ok if i take vacation with my family last week of august?”

Boss: “Sure, no problem.”

Me on Monday after vacation: “hi”

Boss: “Where have you been???”


I had one.

he constantly commented on the weight off all staff

he would talk sh*t about us to each other (unaware that we talked to each other)

he would share way too many outrageous details about his life(probably all fake)

he was delusional about the success of the company

if 2 people were having a conversation he would have to jump in and one up them, even though it was almost always fake

always mentioned he was busy but never actually did anything


Only boss that comes to mind, have had some really horrible ones, that fits this was a foreman that on my first day took me around to the "dangerous equipment." To show me the safety features. All of the so called dangerous equipment i have been around since i was 5. Table saws and other wood and metal working gear..i had to stop hom twice before he hurt himself. I unfortunately was not quick enough to stop him from shooting his thigh with a nail gun!!


One time my boss stepped into my office as he was walking by and said “... so... you’re pretty tall for a Mexican aren’t you?”


I had a latin teacher who while wasn't exactly like him gave some serious vibes. She was loud, obnoxious, and would do things like shouting the words she was teaching repeatedly, even when she was talking in english, or make sound effects in an attempt to be... funny? It was very michael-ish.

Her crowning moment was when she randomly shouted at a kid who was right-wing leaning about how his political views were wrong in the middle of a lesson. I'm left leaning, and happened to disagree with the dude pretty strongly, but he was a very nice guy and was just sitting there! It wasn't the place or time to talk about modern polotics, not to mention an extremely innapropriate thing for a teacher to say to a student in her class! Like, what the f*ck!


Currently work for someone who played out, almost word for word, one of Michael’s crises. Remember the ep (during the Cathy Bates era) when the parent company was coming under fire for their printers catching on fire? Michael was equal parts aghast but also bizarrely loving being in the limelight.

My boss had a similar reaction to something. She would run around like a chicken with its head cut off constantly talking about this news story that we were only tangentially involved with. But it was national news. She was practically giddy, “...and now I have to return a call to Vanity Fair because they want an interview! And even TMZ is calling to!” When she would bring it up she sound so exasperated but at the same time she could barely contain her excitement that she might be quoted (for a sort of bad story mind you) in a major entertainment/news source. In the end, smarter heads prevailed and our response was, “no comment.”


My brother had two bosses at his first job that I think fit this. It was an old married couple that owned the gym across the street from us. Probably in their 70s when he started working there. The wife was from Germany and super strict, the husband was clearly losing it Some notable mentions are:

•when the husband combined bleach and ammonia to clean the hot tub and sauna room, tear gassing my brother in the process

•wife insisted the street be swept once a week, this was my brothers task. Almost every single time, the husband would come out halfway through with a leaf blower and destroy any progress my brother had made

•husband would regularly sit in the sauna for way too long and have to be rescued by brother and coworkers

•brother opened every Saturday. They never gave him a key so he would have to hop the fence to get in.

There’s so many more but I know he’s asleep right now and I can’t ask him


Had a manager at my previous job that really, really tried his best to be everyone’s BFF. He loved giving pep talks and thought he could raise our abysmal morale by being Mr. Positivity (note: morale was low because we were always buried in work and paid sh*t). He’d crack jokes, randomly burst into song and sneak up behind you to yell “you’re doing a great job!”

Unfortunately, he was also super incompetent at his job. He relied heavily on a junior colleague for help with technical stuff (they practically did his whole job for him), and spent days working on paperwork that should really only take an hour or two. If you had a problem, his answer was usually either to stare blankly at you until you left or to say “think positive and it’ll work itself out!”

Thing he did I hated the most: whenever people would apply to work at the company, he’d print out the stack of resumes, sit at his desk and read aloud all of the parts he found “funny.” He’d laugh at people for working at McDonald’s or other fast food places. He loved finding grammar mistakes and making fun of them. If someone had a cringe-y objective statement, he’d guffaw over that too. This was all done loudly, and it was a open office so you couldn’t avoid hearing it. That definitely lowered morale too.


Absolutely. Here are some gems from my previous boss:

He hired a private investigator to follow his "#2" around because he thought #2 was having sex with his wife.

Thought I was having sex with his wife at one point, and had #2 follow me, then confronted me when he found out I had hugged his wife. She was the manager at a fastfood place I worked before, and had gotten me the job at the plant. I was 18, she was 50 - she was a mother figure.

Loved to play this 'joke' where he firmly insists I'm not going to get paid because I forgot to clock in or out. He would wait until he had me absolutely convinced and threatening to quit before he laughed and said he was just foolin' to teach me a lesson.

Used to play-fire me for absolutely no reason other than his amusement.

Would tell me to clean my hands so people didn't think I was black, because they don't employ black people.

Even though computers are used everywhere now, he would still do all calculations by hand. It was a chemical plant, and he was calculating weights of ingredients using a 10-key calculator. He made mistakes often. And he would always always blame the mistake on the person making that batch.

I was a student, and he would threaten to fire me for missing work to take finals. He would lecture me on how if I wanted to be a successful man like him, I'd throw myself into my job and work my way up the ladder. I'm a first-gen college grad, and nearly quit school because of him. But I eventually just quit that job to go to school full-time, finished my BS, went on to grad school, and have been a prof at a pretty awesome school for 4 years now.

Would order six burgers from McD's and a salad for lunch, then eat the burgers in his car, and the salad in the office, telling everyone he was on a diet (dude was morbidly obese)

Writing it all out, seems like it's all made up. I guess Michael Scott's character really isn't too far off from some of the craziness that makes its way up the ladder.


I’m a graphic designer, had a former boss walk to my desk with the front page of CNN.com printed out, cut up and taped back together in a fashion he preferred. He then asked that i redesign the homepage like that. We didn’t work at CNN...


I had one for a year and it was awesome! If he would be in the middle of a story and the phone rang he would literally say “let it go to voicemail”. If a customer called 5 min before closing he’d demand I let it ring and go to VM. He was late more often than I was. He frequently bought us coffees. He always took our side in customer disputes and if a customer yelled at us or got abusive on the phone, he would call them back and get into an argument with them and tell them to order from someone else. He straight out told us that if weather conditions were bad he didn’t care how late we were, just that we were safe. Sometimes he would tell me on random days to take a two hour lunch ( I was salary and didn’t punch in or out). He was great! And he gave me so much free stuff. We used to call him Micheal Scott behind his back!

Unfortunately... the owners were a bit stricter.. Myself and another coworker got fired and said boss got demoted. It was fun while it lasted.


I used to work as a copywriter at this decently sized ad agency and I remember one of the VP's coming up to me after a meeting we had where I was presenting some headlines I had. I had only been there like a few weeks at that point, but she puts her hand on my shoulder and loudly says in front of everyone, "Great job Edgar, or should I say Juan Draper."

Everyone kind of gave a bit of a chuckle, and I honestly thought it was a bit funny, but probably not the best thing to say to one of the only Hispanic people working at your company.


I used to work for a cybersecurity start-up (now a huge public company). The office director that intitially interviewed me for the role turned me down because he felt "a woman couldn't do this job." This was for a sales job.

I was eventually approached by a different manager for the role, and, against my better judgement, took the job. As the only woman in the office, the director that intitially interviewed me, shockingly, continued to be a huge, sexist POS. He constantly made comments about my lack of or too much of make-up, my clothes, my weight, my voice being too deep or too high, really anything that had to do with being feminine.

At one point, I had a serious illness that spanned several months and I lost over 20 pounds. While I've never been fat, his first comment to me after I spent the previous night in the ER was, "Changminny, you've lost so much weight. Now if only we could do something about how pale you always are. Have you tried blush?"

He was so surprised that his office had more HR complaints than every other office in the company COMBINED.


They certainly do. That's why the show's so funny. Had a general manager give a line that sounded exactly like it came out of the mouth of Michael. He wanted to say "be there or be square." He started the phrase wrong, but his brain knew it was a rhyme. So he said "be here or be queer"


oh yes! some examples (hope i can format it correctly)

he called the UPS delivery man « marshawn » every time because he was african american (his name was james)

he dismissed my claims that one of our partners (sister company’s CEO) was sexually harassing me because « men say things like that and i should take it as a compliment »

would have the most useless meetings

would bring pizza and beer for lunch and try and get us to stop and party with him even though we were slammed with deadlines (our office was an open one so we would be at our desk and he’d be drinking at 2pm, playing music 3ft way from us while we try and make phone calls)

one day he came in pissed and called a meeting so one colleague put candy on the table and he stopped mid sentence in his rant because he got distracted by the shiny wrappers

he would constantly make « white knight » decisions, even if that made work 10 times harder for us, and went directly against policy that he created.



He went to Germany and rented a car. He didn’t know how to drive in Germany and hit 8 cars in the rental car lot. He asked me to use my company card to pay the insurance premium. I told him no.

We had so many communication problems (meaning I was a woman and he didn’t respect me) that HR recommended we have Monday morning 1:1’s. He never showed up for them. I kept record. He complained to HR that we weren’t having the meetings he wasn’t showing up to.

He told me that the woman who was stuck on a project with him could receive a form of gratis up to $500. She chose a PlayStation (obvi) and then when I was called on my company purchase, he wouldn’t say that he specifically allowed the transaction and attempted to get me fired because he was tired of me always calling him on his sh*t.

I handled his wife’s resume and application to the DMV, his mortgage papers, his insurance papers, his whole family’s passports; all things that went beyond my position’s scope. HR stepped in to tell him to only have me do work-related tasks and he told me to never talk to “Hay-Char” again. He’s the boss and I’ll do what he says.

He was standing with his same-level executive coworkers, all of whom I supported and while the other 3 wished me good morning, he literally went out of his way to ignore me.

The irony is that he volunteered me for a lot of sh*t o excelled at and I failed up while he failed out. Turns out the protection he got while his brother was CIO disappeared as soon as brother left the company.

He transferred out of IT and became engineering’s problem before I left the company.

Also. At a company Christmas party he bet the department that we couldn’t climb the rock wall faster than him. He ended up severely spraining his ankle and withholding the $100.

Also. Another boss decided we needed to have a raffle to boost morale. I got an iPad and some gift cards. Boss who wanted to boost morale won the iPad. And kept it. F*cking what. None of us could believe it.


Dear wife is a public school teacher, and her principal is technologically illiterate.

A couple of years ago when the #MeToo movement was all over the news, he led a staff meeting to discuss how it might impact staff and students.

Thing is, he didn't understand hashtags, or how to talk about them in a public setting.

All during this staff meeting, he talked about the Pound Me Too movement.


I have been lucky and had fairly good bosses. My worst boss was at a large technology company, he was a network engineer that got promoted to management and had no idea how to do it which was usually ok he would just approve vacations and the like and let every one do their job.

The main annoyance was he was a network engineer and I was a windows server engineer. So any time the customers would ask us to do something impossible or that would actively hurt them he would leave me to defend our companies stance. If the network team had any push back he would jump on and defend them and act as the point of contact he was supposed to be. He also didn't understand a lot of what I did so his measurement of if I was doing a good job was if I was at my desk. The network team could work from home whenever they wanted to if I worked from more then once in a 2 week period he would send me emails letting me know how important it was to be in the office ended up getting fired for working from home when I was sick. Had a project due so I was trying to get it done got sick faxed him in the doctors note saying I was allowed off for the rest of the week then logged in and started to work. He said since I was working I had to be in the office I ignored him the next Friday he had me meet with him at 8am I showed up and HR was siting there to walk me out.

That said the most Michael Scott thing he did is during the lead up to and through football season he had a team meeting the last 2 hours every Friday for fantasy football. If team members didn't want to play fantasy football he said they would have to go back to work instead of just hanging out with every one. Ended up just draft picking people from the Miami Dolphins so I could sit and talk with every one. There were several other people that just randomly picked people and never traded and one guy just went back to work and didn't attend any of the meetings.


I believe every manager in the world has had a Michael Scott/David Brent moment; that is what makes it so hard to watch at times. I have had nights where I have often wondering how many I have had and how badly was I viewed as a result.

My worst I think is telling someone they got a job (in a warehouse) and then realising I had told the wrong person and having to tell the him 30 minutes later that he didn't have a job after-all... dreadful.


Man I wish I could remember more but I’ve blocked most of it out.

Told us he invented Apple computers before Steve Jobs. That the computer he invented is still to this day more powerful than any other computer

Threw knives in the air and said if you can catch them he’ll give you money. This was apparently at a Christmas party. I wasn’t there but believe it 100%.

Came to work wearing nothing but leopard print underwear and a pink cowboy hat (he’s like 70?). Unfortunately I was there for that one.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but ‘not the bad kind, the kind that makes you super smart’

Got drunk at work and gave alcohol to whoever would take it.

He literally needs to be institutionalised but he’s rich so he gets away with everything and everyone is scared of him.


I had a grumpy boss...mid forties, newborn baby, got passed up on a promotion...

He would walk around saying “snakes are gonna get ya snakes are gonna get ya”

“Swallow swallow swallow ya lunchhhhhh”

And my favorite;



Mine was less entertaining than Michael, but we often compared him for the following examples:

- only hired people he would "have a beer with"
- grossly under qualified to manage, but he was good at sales so got promoted
- made really awkward, distasteful jokes/comments (e.g. asked an employee if he and his twin brother "shared" a girlfriend)
- just really wasteful, pointless meetings
- nobody knew how he spent his days, his assistant manager did all the heavy lifting and he would wander around making conversations
- literally showed up to a meeting with his superiors having done 0 preparation and they kicked him out of the meeting

He actually got fired for calling COVID "kung flu" to a Chinese employee back in March... I think that would have to be the craziest. He had worked there for 8 years but had so many notes on his file, this was just the one that pushed it over the edge.


Yes. He’d never admit it though, he swears he’s a Jim.

“Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like a compulsive need to be liked. Like my need to be praised.” ——— Pretty sure this is the mantra my boss lives by.


Not sure how Michael Scott-ish this is, but I had a boss who was a complete f*ck-up. She'd get caught messing up, blame me, yell and curse at me, realize later it was her fault, and then want to take me out for a private one-on-one lunch as an apology.

After a while I just started telling her thanks, but I have plans already. Because she was too tone-deaf to realize that of course your employee doesn't want to spend their break eating with you, after you yelled and embarrassed them in front of their colleagues for no good reason.

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