2021-2022 Cross Stitch Enrichment Co-op #1 Welcome to class!

Cross Stitch Enrichment Co-op

  • First and Third Tuesday of each month
  • 9:00-10:00 AM, September – May
  • K-12, students ages 4-7, and 8-14+ 
  • Did you know that surgeons and other delicate hands-on professionals use cross stitch as a relaxant and a skill sharpener? Did you know that cross stitch has been recorded in history since before the 6th century? 
  1.  Basic Supplies 

Cross stitching is a form of handicraft, needle art, a form of embroidery, or needlework using X-shaped thread stitches. There are several options for getting started on a cross stitch project including pre-organized kits with everything you need or buying all your materials separately. Most stitchers use different methods of collecting their stash of supplies. 

  • Fabric
  • Floss, colored embroidery thread
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pattern (chart) 
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Hoop, frame, or in-hand 
  • Project bag


It is possible to spend a little or a lot of money on supplies for hobbies such as cross stitch. One thing,  I have discovered over the years, of effort and experimentation, is that some products are not always equal to others. I have a few brands that I trust greatly, and I’m always facing a risk to buy a cheaper unknown brand product. It is up to you as the buyer to decide your preference. 

Some fabrics are easier to work with than others. Certain floss brands will last generations and survive sunlight and washing. Needles vary by brand and material and may last a project or many WIPS (works-in-progress) and constant use. Sharp scissors are a must as any fabric-friendly maker will tell you and sometimes they will last and sometimes you just have that cute pair that will get you through a season. Not all Q-Snaps® or frames are created equal and I have had some break, others will last decades.

Today, Tuesday, September 7th, we will discuss the absolute basics.

Each student, in class, will receive a sample bag of threads with multiple colors to pick and choose for two freebie patterns that I have provided in class. One chart is from our artist highlight of the day “Hello Autumn” by Durene Jones. The second chart is a “Homeschool Sampler” from Posie, Alicia Paulson. Please only use links with the permission of your parent or guardian.


Durene Jones Cross Stitch Freebie album on her Page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1986769818242689&type=3

Posie: https://aliciapaulson.com/products/homeschool-sampler-cross-stitch-pattern

Lakeside Needlecraft (UK): https://www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/…

Just Cross-Stitch Magazine (Annie’s Catalog): technical difficulties

Today, I will be working on a Durene Jones SAL. A SAL is short, for stitch-a-long where a shoppe or group decides to stitch on the same project at once to share progress pictures, challenges, and updates. During this class, some of what you work on could be known as a SAL. I will be working on the Lakeside Needlecrafts Fantasy SAL. I am also eager and inspired, as I await my pre-order of the Sept./October issue of Just Cross-Stitch Magazine I have ordered from our local LNS (local needlework shop) for her Haunted Enchantress, a new 2021 Halloween design. I first saw it, borrowing the magazine issue from Libby through our local library. (The library issue is not clear enough to stitch from.)

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