Punch Free Mop Rack Kitchen Organizer - 3pcs/6pcs Set

Punch Free Mop Rack Kitchen Organizer - 3pcs/6pcs Set

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It seems that after even minimal use, your mops, brooms, and brushes collect up in corners, or sprawl across the floor, making a mess of the area. Keep those cleaning utilities in order with the
Punch Free Mop Rack Kitchen Organizer!

It makes sure that your home is not just clean but also well organized. This conveniently accommodates broom or mop handles of various thicknesses which helps you manage household products with great ease.


  • Self-adhesive: equipped with silicone clips in high durability to ensure that mops and brooms won't fall off
  • Fast and easy: fix wall mounted holder with no drilling required but only a sticky and sturdy surface
  • No residues: with the use of a firmly attached seamless patch, you are guaranteed that it won’t damage the wall’s surface
  • Guaranteed hygiene: prevent mops from having molds and being smelly to. spread no germs
  • Compact and long-lasting design
  • Suitable to use on any smooth surface
  • To use, carefully tear off the back of the protective film and press on a wall evenly for 10 seconds
  • You can use it anywhere in the kitchen, garden, office, laundry, yard, storeroom, balcony, workshop and more


    • Material: ABS
    • Net Weight: 0.07kg
    • Size: 7.2cm x 6.3cm x 6.4cm
    • Color: Grey, White, Pink, Blue

    Package Includes:

    • 3/6 x Punch Free Mop Rack Kitchen Organizer